So different, yet so same.



World is full of different people, coming from different races. It is a mix of cultures. We all are like different faces, bodies, thinking, actions and yet coming from same source.

Its like sun rays coming from same source, The Sun, scattering at different objects and later, taking form/ direction/ color accordingly. Or water tides coming out of same ocean, hitting various substances/ objects, and taking its way or direction.

We are short, long, black, white, slim, fat, european, asian. Whatever we are, our source is the same. The blood that flows into our veins, the heart that palpitates inside our body, the neurons that form inside our brain- everything, literally everything and every part of our body works the same way.

We are different, we are unique, yet we are same. The similarity of the functionality in which our organs work and that we have come from same source is something that makes us incredible.

No matter from which place or country one has come from, one should always respect others. The love, respect and care that we give to others today, will reach us one day, may be through another person. The faces may change, but the life force that flows inside all of us is same.

That’s why, we are so different, yet so same.

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