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This is ME

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I am a soft hearted, day dreamer, mom of two kids, a wife, a daughter, a daughter-in-law, a sister, a professional, a human being, a person, who is trying to explore the depths of my imagination.

I don’t know what people do to start writing. I don’t have any background as awriter. Neither I went to any institute to learn about writing nor I took any special course to learn the art of writing.

The only thing I know is that it feels good, when I write something. It seems as if words start to come out automatically and my hands start to type whatever comes on my mind.

Earlier, it was not this way. I used to think only and never used to jot down anything. Eventually, I felt that whatever comes to my mind, whether a thought, a feeling, or an expression; is the reflection of myself. It is a clear image of what I feel, how I think and how I want things to be in this real world.

For me, it is a way to explore myself, to have more insight of me, to get to know me better than before. And then, I decided to start noting down whatever comes to my mind, to spill all my thinking, my imagination on a piece of paper and share with this world, without any fear and that’s it.

It gives me peace, when I start to put my imagination in black and white. So, here, I am now, trying to do that gives me peace and happiness. I hope many of you might have felt butterflies in your stomach, while trying to write or to express yourself, but when you try to liberate this fear of what others will think, or how they will react, you will understand that it is about expressing yourself and that all the great writers or scientists or people around the world had once gone through this phase too, and that they had faced this fear. Letting go this fear is the only way to express yourself and be yourself. So, here, I am now..

Hoping not to make you disappointed, while expressing myself, in most natural way, which is my way. After all, this is my life, this is my story and this is ME.



INEFFICIENTI generally don’t like to sound annoying or as if I am complaining in my articles. But I think this is the time one should not keep a mum now.

I refer to our inefficiency as human beings in order to not try to save our environment, planet earth and its valueble resources like water.

Human being is the only species blessed to touch new heights, reach to the Moon, stars and the Universe. The only one to dig deep inside the earth. We have new technology, concepts, ideas and execution methods and we are running after materialistic stuff all the time.

We have made concrete jungles at places which were once covered with trees and were home to birds and animals. Cutting trees in huge numbers, in short span of time has led to climate changes too.

Many areas are now affected due to lack of rain and deficiency of which is leading the world to scarcity of water through out the globe. In many countries, people have to walk miles away and stand in long queues to get few gallons of water; that too is supplied by government during certain period of a day or even in few days.

How can we neglect such an important issue and be inefficient to do anything about it? We should pay our bit to save mother Earth by saving every drop of water that we have access to.

Drinking water once gone is lost forever and can’t be recycled for anything. Water used for daily purposes like cleaning, washing etc should also be gathered and recycled to reuse it.

Turn off the taps to avoid wasteage of water.

Stop being inefficient and be more responsible.

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So different, yet so same.



World is full of different people, coming from different races. It is a mix of cultures. We all are like different faces, bodies, thinking, actions and yet coming from same source.

Its like sun rays coming from same source, The Sun, scattering at different objects and later, taking form/ direction/ color accordingly. Or water tides coming out of same ocean, hitting various substances/ objects, and taking its way or direction.

We are short, long, black, white, slim, fat, european, asian. Whatever we are, our source is the same. The blood that flows into our veins, the heart that palpitates inside our body, the neurons that form inside our brain- everything, literally everything and every part of our body works the same way.

We are different, we are unique, yet we are same. The similarity of the functionality in which our organs work and that we have come from same source is something that makes us incredible.

No matter from which place or country one has come from, one should always respect others. The love, respect and care that we give to others today, will reach us one day, may be through another person. The faces may change, but the life force that flows inside all of us is same.

That’s why, we are so different, yet so same.