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Time to think and act responsibly

Human being is quite a talented species in this world. Man has created and brought new things in this world. Whatever we have today is a result of someone’s thinking, planning and unstoppable efforts.

So many discoveries and inventions have taken birth into this world. Science and technology has reached another heights too. Evolution of industries have given economic strength and new hopes to the world.

Today´s world is not the same, we had decades ago. We have so many comforts and means to resolve, what we want. We kept on making, developing and growing.

We can easily get canned food, milk, fish, oil, cement, paint or whatever we wish. All this comes into variety of packaging. We are happy that things have become so easy, that whatever we need for our general household use, is readily available in supermarkets or shops.

All this evolution or development has also brought the need to dispose off or recycle properly. Are we doing our part in getting items recycled?

So many stores, companies, organizations and governments had been doing campaigns related to it. Although we know the importance of it, yet we fail to put efforts on it.

Items like chemicals, paints, batteries and plastic etc. need to be disposed or recycled, in order to not contaminate earth. Our rivers, lakes and oceans are also getting contaminated day by day. Our planet earth is in serious need of taking preventive measures and bringing a change. Why do not we take the responsibility to collect separately tetra packs, tin, plastic, organic and inorganic wastes and take it to our nearby facilities, where they have provision of recycling? Instead of throwing cans of soda, soft drinks, plastic bags etc. on roads or dustbins, it will be a good practice to pay some attention on sorting and getting all recycled. It does not need much time or effort, but can help us keep earth clean and safe for us and our future generations.



Recycling begins with you and me. Everyone, in spite of their age, should pay attention to certain things. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.                                                                                                                            Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  1. Refuse to use plastic bags. Burning of this plastic contaminates earth and leads in pollution. For shopping, take your own environment friendly bags.
  2. Reduce energy consumption by choosing energy saving light bulbs.
  3. Use solar cookers for cooking purposes, solar panels to produce electricity, as technology has developed so much and we can use solar energy for numerous purposes. Save electricity and this way, you spend less on your electricity bills too.
  4. Avoid non- recyclable plastic material for day to day use. It does not only contaminate earth, but using plastic containers for food items, can cause cancer even if the same is using to heat the food.
  5. Your water bottles, cold drinks and beer cans can cause death of numerous ocean animals. Be wise and help to get these animals save, by not consuming plastic bottles and cans. Rather use environment friendly material for carrying water. You can also keep a good eye over your daily water consumption. Good for your health too.

Avoid everything that can´t go into recycling bins.

Recycle Bins

In my opinion, it is today´s need and responsibility of every person, so that our animals, birds and kids can have better environment. The future is in our hands. We just need to put these practices into best use, in sake of clean and safe environment. Our future generations will enjoy the fruit of our efforts to keep our planet safe for them.

Get involved and be part of the solution, not the problem.