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Secret of great business


Many new companies open and close. People start new businesses with ideas and sometimes fail to administer them well, resulting in sheer failure. On the contrary, others even if start with less capital yet keeps on going and flourishing day by day. So, where lies the secret of a great business or a company? It lies in the growth of its employees.

A company is a group of people working together on a same goal, planning, communication, execution, analysis and thus improving. People who share same goals produce good results only with positive minds, attitude, hard work and cheerful spirits.

Sad but true, many of us when receive a job, take it as guaranteed. This thinking works as a blockage in our mind, resulting us in less productive employees. In order to get goal achieving productive results, some tasks are continuously required.

There is a proverb in English “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Similarly, growth of a company requires people working collectively on getting continuous improvements. They should thrive for every small detail and improvement that is needed. It is a task for everyone. Only a bunch of employees working to get excellence can never bring growth to any business if rest of employees do not put their similar efforts too. For this, it is very important to keep the employees cheerful and positive. There should be good communication, full of trust and loyalty between the employees and managers too.


Gone are the days when only leader or manager had the right to think or he was the only important brain in a company. A single brain can’t bounce different ideas off of each other. Think tank of every employee is as important as the manager’s brain. In fact, employees working closely and daily with any operation may have better judgment regarding the needs and improvements there. The opinion of other employees working on a particular operation should be asked and then discussed between other think tanks of a company.

The team work should be given importance. Companies should organize tasks to maintain team spirit between their employees. HR and their teams should closely work with not only managers or leaders but also with rest of employees. Employees should be motivated to provide their full potential. Only providing uniforms, transport, mobile phones and other facilities to employees may not result in productivity, if their real potential has left undiscovered and not put into practice. For this, there should be continuous surveys and meetings by the organization to read minds of their employees. The companies should spend time to analyze and work upon these results. A happy employee can be more productive than a complaining one.

Other thing, company should also analyze the behavior of their employees at their work. If an employee likes to flatter his managers and does not provide a quality work or if he is into habits of bullying or back biting then it will only create a vicious circle in company between its employees, which will not let employees to have positive thinking and attitude.


Companies should also consider quality of output generated by employees. The process involved or followed to get those results should be of utmost importance. Pre-analysis, planning, communication, discussion, reasoning, implementation, post analysis & improvements should be on focus in order to get optimum results. The result only can never be optimal if the processes involved to get the result are not ideal. In order to get matchless superlative results, the processes should be of world class too.

Employees too should thrive for perfection, putting their best possible efforts. A company grows when its employees grow. Team work can result in wonders. A coordinated effort on a common goal can increase the effectiveness, producing high quality results, leading to success stories and more successful businesses.

Thanks for reading.