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This world is full of different people, who have different believes, cultures, religions and languages. No matter how different we are, yet we all share something common at some point of time in our lives, which we call ‘feelings’.

We are like a painting, full of variety of colours and each colour is blended with other, yet has its own touch too. Or we are like pieces of a puzzle and each piece has to get along with other, in order to complete the puzzle.


No matter where we are and what we do, we are ‘unique’. No one in this world has same life, yet we share same ‘feelings’. These feelings make us soft or push us to take tough decisions. Based on these feelings, we make our opinions and then shape those opinions into actions.

How incredible is this life! Sometimes we have a choice to make and sometimes we get dragged into a situation with no choice left at all. Whatever it may be, whether willingly or willingless, we get affected by our feelings.

Some feelings are temporarily and others leave a permanent mark on our mind, which is known as a ‘memory’. Depends upon the intensity of our feelings, we get to experience these memories. I ‘felt’ very ‘happy’ when my daughter got graduated eight years back, so, that ‘feeling’ of ‘happiness’ has now got a permanent impression on my mind. Similarly, my cute little dog, who had been my room mate too, passed away two years ago, which has created a ‘bitter and painful memory’ for me.

We re-live our experiences when we ‘recall’ our memories, because we again get the same ‘feeling’ that we had experienced initially too. So, the intensity of any action creates ‘feelings’, which leads to ‘memories’.CV-MNEER58539855970--Neeruart-Craftsvilla_1.jpgSometimes we do not like to think of a person because of a bad experience that we had with that fellow and on the contrary, thinking of a loved one brings a smile on our faces. Although that fellow is near us or not, yet had left an impact on us.

During the caravan of life, we meet and leave people; then meet new ones and leave them too, but we keep on moving. People come in our lives and go away. Some stay in our lives for little time and others for more. But people get to leave an impression on others and no one can take their place in our memories. Even if we try, we can’t replace them with some one else in our memories.

Sad but true, this is something that we do not have control upon, because our memories had been generated by our feelings, to whom we can not defy.

Keeping our hearts pure and not holding any grudge towards anyone, can help us have pleasant feelings and memories, which will keep bringing happiness to us later in our lives. Science has progressed so much, yet few things are so simple. The heart does not has mind, so, it does not think of anything, it can only ‘feel’ and pass that ‘feeling’ to the mind to create a ‘thought’ or ‘memory’. Keeping it ‘pure’ can help us create ‘good feelings and memories’ for us.

The journey does not end till you decide

This world is full of variety of people. People who think and behave differently in different situations. Let’s talk about those who keep on going,doing, moving, struggling or fighting. The goers, doers, movers, strugglers or fighters. The ones who do not listen to anyone or think of anything else than their dreams. They also have to get over the path full of spikes or difficulties. The world may tell them ‘crazy’ but it does not matter to them. The only thing that matters is their dreams.

Dreams that we all dream in our lives, but forget them on 0our life path but these so called ‘crazy’ people can’t. This is what makes them special and different from others. When rest of the world is busy trying to make both ends meet in their day to day lives, even then these ‘crazy’ people are dreaming and dreaming to such an extent that takes a shape of strong determination. Once determined, they do not let others ruin their dreams. They do every possible attempt to shape their dreams into reality.

Even if they get any support from people around them or not, they keep on moving because their strong determination keeps pouring oil to the fire of their dreams. They must have iron soul to bear all that comes into their way. That fire that does not let them feel peace, until they get their dreams come true.

Why does the world forget that it is their lives, their dreams and their journey? No one has the right to interfere. But we give this right to others… Others who decide for us what is right or wrong, when to start and stop and upto what extent to put our efforts. Sad but true and we all know it because ‘we’ let others put ‘boundries’ on our ‘dreams’ as we get scared and don’t know what to do?

We forget ourselves, we stop listening to our inner voice and get mingled into day to day chores or activities.. whether it is to cook food, go to office, work on projects, make kids grow or whatever. But we forget our ‘dreams’ and accept what ‘others’ ‘decide’ for ‘us’. Why do we do this? Why do we lack courage to pursue our dreams? This is where we become ‘follower’… Follower of so called same ‘trend’ that this world is generally following. Here is when we lose.. We lose our dreams, our motive and determination. and here is where the goers, doers, movers, strugglers or fighters ‘WIN’ because they listen to their inner voice and they ‘decide’ what, when, how and to what extent put their actions.

No one else can ever decide for us if we take in charge of ourselves and our dreams. No one can turn you down until you let yourself down in your viewpoint.

Life is full of opportunities and it has infinite capacity to excel. There can always be a ‘little’ reason to pursue dreams. If you like something, have passion for something, then who and what stops you? So, take control of your life without being scared of anything. Sit at a peaceful place and ask yourself what do you want it to be. Once decided, have faith and put all your energy and efforts to get what you ‘really’ want. Keep risking, keep doing, keep struggling but don’t stop. It is like when a child intents to walk alone, he falls, then gets up, then falls and gets up… This is where ‘he’ decides to keep ‘moving’ until unless ‘he’ has learnt and mastered the ‘art’ of walking and ‘achieved’ his goal. So, no one can in reality decide for us till we give this right to them and the journey does not end till you quit.