It´s inside YOU.

Blue Meditating Mental Health Poster

It´s easy. It´s possible. It´s inside you. Centralize your energy. Channelize it properly. Talk to yourself and ask yourself. What do you want? What do you need? Get it clear and make a list. A list of what do you want. A list of what do you need. What are your priorities? What exactly do you care for? Put all them together on a list. Keep looking at it until you are sure- this is what you really want, this is what you really need. Close your eyes, focus your inside. Take a deep breath. Then, visualize it happening till you feel it happening. Let all your body feel, let all your organs feel, let all your neurons feel, let all your atoms feel.

Let your body understand what you want, what you need. It should be clear to your body- what do you want and what do you feel? Take a deep breath and feel it again. Give a message to your body and brain. This is what I want, this is what I need. I will work upon it. No matter what may come, I will work for it. I want to let it happen. I want to let it become real. My dreams are going to take shape in real. It has to be so strong. It has to be so clear. Let all the Universe understand what you want, what you need. Let the universe understand your determination because you are making a promise to yourself. You will protect your dreams, you will protect your list by working for them, by working to make them real. You make a promise to yourself. A promise to not let it go till you make it happen. A promise to not to leave any stone unturned, no matter what may come, you are clear and firm.

Fuel your determination every day. Connect to yourself every day.  Knock your inner self every day to make sure your list is there. To make sure that it is clear. To make sure that you had made a promise to yourself and it is a sacred promise. Do not cheat yourself. Let your soul guide you because your soul and you are so good friends, that when both are together firm and clear, that when both are one. Even Universe will bow to such a beautiful self, who have their objectives clear that what they want and what they need. No one come in between your dreams and real world because you are continuously working to make them true, to make them real. It is not for the world. It is for you because you had made a promise to yourself. Let your dreams take the wings, let them go so high, let Universe feel their flight.

Let your dreams fly and make them real with your deeds. Do not put it for tomorrow because today is what you have. Do it now, as it is only what you own. Gather all your energy and let it flow in direction of pushing your dreams to make them come true. Because you have the power. It lies with in you. Do not waste your time. Do not find it out as it lives inside you.

Knock your inner self and unfold that energy. It lives deep inside you, protected from the world. Put it into use and let it protect you, because it is so strong, it can take care of you. Just believe in yourself and let it flow. This energy will help you, once it starts to flow. It is a driving force behind yourself. Don´t doubt your abilities. Don´t think in rest, let this energy be your guide. Let this list be your mission, let meditation be your fuel, to reach your goals, to make your dreams come true, to be in peace with you, because you had made a promise to yourself. You are not going to stop till you achieve.

There is no competition with the rest, because you are unique, you are the only one. Universe will response to all your signals, because you are clear with yourself and your list. You are firm, and your inner self is pure, and the energy will flow to make things happen and make your dreams come true.

Be a FLAMINGO in a Flock of Pigeons



Pigeons are common, basic, and ditsy. A flamingo on the other hand is unique. It’s gentle, pleasant and graceful. It is a large, exotic and colorful bird.

Pigeons are found generally and do not get any attention. While flamingo, on the other hand, stands alone in the crowd of pigeons due to its unique characteristics.

We should learn from this. Human beings come in variety too. But our character and our actions make us different from rest of the world. In today’s world, it is easy to find greed/ hunger. People tend to become dishonest and shrewd to get their work done. This is getting normal day by day.

But one should be always honest and true. Honesty is a gift that can’t be expected from cheap people. It is like a diamond. A quality that needs to be worked upon continuously. As diamonds are found rarely, so do honesty too.

As a diamond does not stop shining even if it is kept in trash, same way, honest people should not leave their quality even if mixed with or encountered with mean, greedy or shrewd people, who can go to any extent to get their desires fulfilled.

One should have Dauntless spirit filled with limitless hope and positivism, as life is sometimes filled with hardships, but rainy days are sure to be followed by Beautiful Sun Shine. One must never loose hope and keep marching forward to bring out the best of oneself, to contribute to this world and make it more beautiful with one´s sincere efforts and presence.

So, my dear friend, be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons.

Finding peace

Everyone has different definition of peace. People may define it as happiness, eternal love or state of joy. Whatever it is, it is like an analgesic that takes your pain away. It is a way to disconnect from the world and connect to your innerself.

Someone finds it in sharing, dancing, singing, loving, meditating, writing, reading, cooking or cherishing. It is like a multicolor painting, which is vivid and all the colors have their own beauty.

It is beautiful to see that people define it in their own way and find it in their own way too. So many emotions,so many moments, so many memories that we make or gather, that may lead us to different paths of life; towards a different perspective in our lives.

But only, who has struggled, worked very hard to get the peace and still hasn’t found it, is the one who knows the value of peace. He is the one who knows how precious is the peace. It is a feeling or a sensation that can be felt or experienced. One has to be very much at comfort level in spiritual way to find peace within oneself.

It is a state of eternal bliss. No one can take it away unless you decide to let it go. After all, it is our decision/ choice to let it go, to feel disturbed or unhappy when some external source or environment gets different.

So, at last we decide when to get affected or not by this external stimulus and leave our state of bliss.

While travelling to home yesterday, I saw an elder man in bus, who had a small music player in his hands. It has some music playing continously and he was singing along with the music in loud voice. While it was disturbing the passenger sitting next to him, many other passengers were enjoying the way in which he was singing. I was one of those many passengers too, who felt that his voice (although not very sweet), had some charismatic affect on other people or on their souls

When my destination arrived, I got down of the bus, but he was still there, singing and enjoying the music. I had felt certain kind of discomfort or sadness after leaving the bus, as if I was saying goodbye to someone very near to me. In a journey of few minutes, he made me feel so good with his songs that immediately after getting down the bus, my peace was gone. It had affected me so much. But who permitted that peace to disappear in reality? It was me, no one else or no other external factor can affect us, till we let it reach deep inside our soul to impact us. It happens when we try to find peace in some outer substance or situation.

Peace is found inside of human heart/ spirit. We just need to dig deep inside us to get to know ourselves, to get to talk to that little self that we have, in order to be at peace with ourselves. And that kind of peace when found is hard to be lost, because you become consicous of the peace that your soul has, you get to channelize that peace to rest of your atoms or cells of your body.

So, my dear friends, talk to yourself, you can go to a quite place if you want, where you can connect and listen to your innerself to get the answers to you queries, to feel calm and peace. Hoping you all a peaceful life!

Hush, hush, and don’t rush.

Hush, hush, and don’t rush.
Listen to yourself, someone is talking,
A tiny winy voice coming from your innerself,
Listen to that voice and don’t rush,
Now is the moment and it is a blessing,
Enjoy your life, as if it is ending,
True to yourself and be your best,
Hush, hush, and don’t rush.

Thoughts of wisdom

The storm is brewing,
The winds are stong,
Inside his heart, so much is going on,
How to thwart, what he is going through,
Having all, yet not feeling good,
Appeared from somewhere a great Saint,
Brought with himself, so many precious thoughts,
Sharing with others is what a soul needs,
Keep sharing always, is how a soul heals.

Hauled to the party

The lights were dim,
The music was light,
I was with him,
He moved me slight,
We were dancing to the rhythm,
We were quite lost.
He grasped my arm,
And hauled me to the party.
Then held my neck,
And shook all my body.
He took me to the corner,
And planted a kiss.
It felt like a mist,
It felt so sweet.

What a beautiful life! What a beautiful experience!

The world is full of opportunities. It is awesome, mysterious and magical, how we all have the power and ability to do so much. This immense capacity that we are blessed with is one of the main characteristics of human species.

The emotions, pain, love, intelligence, strength that we bear is enough to color this world in our unique style. Our essence/aroma is the main thing, which makes us unique or different from rest of the world. The immense capacity that we possess, can take a shape of a beautiful garden from a budding plant if guided in right direction.

It’s so overwhelming to know that one possess the power to create or generate something from the very scratch. It’s a beautiful experience to feel peace, to connect to oneself, to centralize or channelize this energy in right direction. To seek the potential that one has while continuosly working to get to know oneself.

The opportunities are infinite. One needs to explore, discover, improvise and be fearless to show it to others. Afterall, we all are humans and no one is perfect in this world. To err is human.

We make mistakes, learn from them and put to march what we have learnt or found, to help this world with other or new version of ourselves and with our piece of work.

This is ME

This is ME image

I am a soft hearted, day dreamer, mom of two kids, a wife, a daughter, a daughter-in-law, a sister, a professional, a human being, a person, who is trying to explore the depths of my imagination.

I don’t know what people do to start writing. I don’t have any background as awriter. Neither I went to any institute to learn about writing nor I took any special course to learn the art of writing.

The only thing I know is that it feels good, when I write something. It seems as if words start to come out automatically and my hands start to type whatever comes on my mind.

Earlier, it was not this way. I used to think only and never used to jot down anything. Eventually, I felt that whatever comes to my mind, whether a thought, a feeling, or an expression; is the reflection of myself. It is a clear image of what I feel, how I think and how I want things to be in this real world.

For me, it is a way to explore myself, to have more insight of me, to get to know me better than before. And then, I decided to start noting down whatever comes to my mind, to spill all my thinking, my imagination on a piece of paper and share with this world, without any fear and that’s it.

It gives me peace, when I start to put my imagination in black and white. So, here, I am now, trying to do that gives me peace and happiness. I hope many of you might have felt butterflies in your stomach, while trying to write or to express yourself, but when you try to liberate this fear of what others will think, or how they will react, you will understand that it is about expressing yourself and that all the great writers or scientists or people around the world had once gone through this phase too, and that they had faced this fear. Letting go this fear is the only way to express yourself and be yourself. So, here, I am now..

Hoping not to make you disappointed, while expressing myself, in most natural way, which is my way. After all, this is my life, this is my story and this is ME.



INEFFICIENTI generally don’t like to sound annoying or as if I am complaining in my articles. But I think this is the time one should not keep a mum now.

I refer to our inefficiency as human beings in order to not try to save our environment, planet earth and its valueble resources like water.

Human being is the only species blessed to touch new heights, reach to the Moon, stars and the Universe. The only one to dig deep inside the earth. We have new technology, concepts, ideas and execution methods and we are running after materialistic stuff all the time.

We have made concrete jungles at places which were once covered with trees and were home to birds and animals. Cutting trees in huge numbers, in short span of time has led to climate changes too.

Many areas are now affected due to lack of rain and deficiency of which is leading the world to scarcity of water through out the globe. In many countries, people have to walk miles away and stand in long queues to get few gallons of water; that too is supplied by government during certain period of a day or even in few days.

How can we neglect such an important issue and be inefficient to do anything about it? We should pay our bit to save mother Earth by saving every drop of water that we have access to.

Drinking water once gone is lost forever and can’t be recycled for anything. Water used for daily purposes like cleaning, washing etc should also be gathered and recycled to reuse it.

Turn off the taps to avoid wasteage of water.

Stop being inefficient and be more responsible.

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